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Our most frequently asked questions...

Where are your products manufactured?
All of The Pickle Patch's products are manufactured and prepared in our very own processing kitchen in Lake Wales, FL.

Where are do your pickles come from?
Year round, our products are sourced from local vendors in Florida – however – in some cases where we are unable to get a specific item in season, our vendor may source from reputable and trustworthy vendor in Mexico that meets our quality standards for fresh produce.

How can I sell your product?
You can learn about our Vendor / Wholesale program on our Become a Vendor page.

Which products are gluten free?
All of our products are 100% gluten free. You can see a full list of ingredients below each product's description.

Is your production facility allergy free?
Yes. Our facility does not produce or use any products that would contain allergens such as nuts, mangos, avocados, or shellfish.

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